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Cracking Car Hire Deals for Under 25's

There is no doubt that hiring a car is a great option whether you are on holiday and are wanting it to travel around or simply need transport to get around the city. One of the major factors to take into account when hiring a car is how much it will cost. There are many things that affect the cost of hiring a car:

1. Pick up/drop off date

Obviously the length of time you will hire the car for will have a bearing on the cost. In simple terms, the longer you have the car for, the more it will cost overall. As an example, hiring the same budget car for a week may cost around an extra £40 compared to having it for a couple of days.

2. Type of car

Another thing that will affect the hire price is the class of car you rent out. After all, a budget class car will come in cheaper than something more luxurious. For example, a Fiat 500 for a few days may be around £100 whereas a Mercedes E Class may be closer to £250. As a result, this is certainly something to think about when choosing which car to hire.

3. Pick up location

Another point worth bearing in mind is the location you will be picking the car up from. Very often it can be cheaper to pick up from somewhere like a city airport as opposed to the city centre itself. Picking up your hire car this way is also more convenient for people who are travelling into the country on holiday, as you don’t need to go to another location to pick the car up.

4. Driver age

As is the case with normal motoring practices, generally you would be able to rent a car for less the older and more experienced you are. Although this may not be a great amount in most cases, it is worth bearing in mind when thinking of how much it may be to hire a car.

If you are considering hiring a car and are unsure as to how much it may be, the above information should help guide you in the right direction. As a rough example, an economy type car, such as a Hyundai I10 for a 30 year old driver who is using it for a week and is collecting it from Manchester Airport, is around £70.